Powerflushing in Crawley to improve your central heating

Maximise the efficiency of your boiler & central heating system with our power flushing service…

here There’s no doubting that a boiler is one of the more significant investments you’ll make in your home. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure it’s kept running to its full potential, and the chance of a breakdown is kept to a minimum.


key2 Here at West Sussex Heating, our power flushing service aids the efficiency and prolongs the life of your boiler. And whether you’re looking to have it carried out on your new boiler, or you want it for your existing model, our expert team will be delighted to assist.

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What’s involved in our power flushing service?

speed dating west london grenfell Over time, general wear and tear on your boiler leads to poor circulation, resulting in lukewarm radiators, icy showers, excess noise, and a build up of sludge… not pleasant at all.

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taking a break from dating a girl West Sussex Heating’s power flushing service sees this sludge, and other residue, efficiently removed from your system, aiding it for the long term. It’s a valuable service in which to invest no matter whether your boiler is brand new, a few years old, or nearing the end of its life.

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Warm up your home in Shoreham with a new boiler